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TITAN I (1981)

  • Behind great success is often an interesting story. The TITAN-STORY begins in 1981, when the curtain rises for a sensational speaker, who will lead active listening to a new dimension: Spearheading the former quadral Phonologue program impressed with hitherto unknown conceptual sophistication of our engineer Helmut Schaper.

(1984) TITAN II

  • With its appearance at the end of 1981 TITAN I defined the concept of a high-end box to the highest possible quality, extremely near to the ideal and its purchase price was absolutely fair. No Image bonus. No brands bonus. Simply the best possible sound for the money. The challenge for the then quadral chief developer Helmut Schaper soon became yet to beat the outstanding TITAN I.

TITAN III (1987)

  • TITAN I and TITAN II became myths very soon. Their performance, as well as their sensitivity to subtle musical detail, their exemplary neutrality and not least their fair purchase price made them the German high-end speakers of the 80s at all. Countless test wins and buying recommendations created an undisputed special status which should still be solidified by TITAN III.

  • 1981
  • 1984
  • 1987


(1990) TITAN IV

  • Already a decade the reference of the high-end speakers were wearing the name TITAN. quadral's "acoustic giants" were always at the height of its time and mastered every challenge. Thus, they were able to elicit the maximum acoustic authenticity not only out of vinyl records, but also CDs. TITAN meant to move the concert right into your living room and experience music first hand.

TITAN V (1996)

  • In the mid-90s, when technique was unstoppable paced ahead, quadral succeeded to climb a new peak of loudspeaker technology and got a lot closer to the ideal. TITAN V embodied optically a step into a new era: slim, athletic, noble it stood in front of its viewers. This generation of loudspeakers wanted to be regarded not only as a technical, but also as an aesthetic masterpiece.

  • 1990
  • 1996


(2001) TITAN VI

  • To be and remain innovative means to always have the ideal in mind and realize the technically feasible. For over two decades, it is our ambition to build speakers that inspire in every detail and let the listener immerse deep into music. Our TITAN speakers always opened new doors to hitherto hidden musical details, and with each generation high-end audio enthusiasts could find an even more intensive access to their favorite music. The maxim of putting together our best available ingredients to create an impressive body of work was the leitmotif in the creation of this new generation. Bernd Starck, creator of the TITAN VI, put much emphasis on outstanding quality and perfect interaction in the selection of components, craftsmanship and of course in the acoustic fine-tuning. The result was a speaker that clearly carried its signature and impressed trade press as well as hi-fi fans alike.

TITAN VII (2006)

  • Since 28 years now, the name TITAN stands for a loudspeaker series that takes listening experience into new dimensions. The characteristics of each TITAN loudspeaker are the fusion of traditional and innovative technologies in terms of continuous development of the sound picture. More impressive than ever, TITAN VII embodies the requirements of its designers to build loudspeakers near to the ideal. The unusual shape of this sound icon is not least due to the stunning 380 mm woofer, which together with the new ribbon tweeter provides rousing sound experiences.

    Completed in form and sound TITAN VII thrilled professionals and hi-fi experts who swarmed in superlatives of the seventh generation of the TITAN series. TITAN creates an overwhelming high-end platform with unprecedented clarity, fine details and tonal colors with almost unbelievable dynamics and unparalleled sovereignty. Its musical intensity and passion is extraordinary and poignant.

  • 2001
  • 2006



  • For over 30 years the name TITAN is a speaker series that takes the listening experience into new dimensions. Characteristics of each TITAN are the fusion of traditional and innovative technologies in terms of a continuous development of the sound picture. A major challenge for Sascha Reckert, developer of the eighth TITAN generation, which he mastered with flying colors.

TITAN 9 (2016)

  • 1981 the first TITAN wrote history. With its presence and its extraordinary sound it inspired trade press and customers alike. 35 years later Generation 9 sees the light of day. And again it makes its mark: 145 cm high, and more than 80 kg of pure craftsmanship. For high/midrange, a combination of quadral ALTIMA® and quSENSE in D'Appolito arrangement and as bass, a powerful pressure chamber with two powerful drivers. The result is impressive: extreme dynamics paired with an enormous deep dimension picture and sovereignty. Your room becomes a concert hall which is fired powerfully and has yet a filigree resolution. quSENSE technology works with an exceptionally low distortion, up to the highest level ranges. A powerful low bass provides the necessary base for the AURUM typical, neutral sound picture.

    TITAN 9 thrills audiophile fine spirits as well as owners of high-quality home theater installations.

R9VOLUTION – quadral presents

the ninth edition of TITAN

  • 2011
  • 2014
  • 2016
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